prep info page

Find information below to aid in adding on: Ladders, Storage Racks, Slide Toppers and more...

Travel Trailer Ladder Options

2022 and older models have been built with backers/studs for a ladder to be mounted.
2023 and new models have been prepped for a telescoping ladder.

Slide topper info

Click the button below to access the slide topper prep page, which includes topper sizing, pricing and LCI part #'s.

King wifi

Click the button below to access the flyer on selling your customers the King Wi-Fi Equipment they need. All travel trailer and fifth wheel models comes pre-wired for King Connect Wi-Fi equipment. Elite Series models come equipped with a router/booster.

Slide topper sizing sheets

Select which series you are adding slide toppers to below. Or, you can select the all-in-one file to download and save.

Solar Panel Information

Explaining how the solar system works? Click the button below to get a flyer that illustrates how the solar system works to charge the batteries in the coach.